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Maui's Fastest Airfreight Shipping Service

We’ll Deliver Your Items Quickly, Safely, & Stress-Free with Air Freight Shipping!

Trust Local Maui Logistic Experts For Fast & Reliable Airfreight Shipping

Need to ship items quickly? Our Airfreight services are designed to do exactly that. We make it easy for you to quickly ship your items to and from Maui. We are a full-service moving logistics company for both individuals and companies. Our goal is to make your Maui shipping fast, easy, and affordable through our competitive shipping rates, advanced transportation technology, and quality customer service.

To calculate your air fright shipping rate instantly, call (808) 870-1443 to receive a rate from an experienced Hawaii shipping expert.

Expert Organization

Protected & Insured Packing

Soft Hands & Heavy Work

Secured & Organized

Worldwide Shipping

Offload & Unpacking

Expert Organization

Our professional moving & logistics staff will come to your home to evaluate your items so we can get you the best price possible.

Protected & Insured Packing

Leave the packing and organization of your items to the professionals. We securely package and label each item.

Soft Hands & Heavy Work

Our movers are professionally trained on how to use care moving your precious belongings. We do all the heavy lifting so you can relax.

Secured & Organized

We professionally organize & secure your items in moving containers ensuring your item’s safety during moving & transportation.

Worldwide Shipping

Our logistics expert finds a shipping method that fits your time & budget. Local, neighbor island, or worldwide, we get you the best deal.

Offload & Unpacking

Our team or mainland colleagues will be there to offload your items and unpack them for you while you get settled in your new location.

Airfreight Shipping To & From Maui

U.S. & International Air Freight Shipping

Airfreight is the fastest shipping option you can choose for your items. We are TSA regulated and you are required to be a “Known Shipper” with us because your items will be going on a commercial aircraft.

When you need to ship items quickly to Hawaii you’ll want the best services, a trustworthy shipping company, and the best pricing. From start to finish our Hawaii team and mainland colleagues take care of every step for you including inspection, regulations, paperwork, transportation, and door-to-door delivery.

In order to become a “known shipper,” we or our partners would need to go out to your business or residence and do an inspection of the items being shipped. After 7 days we can ship your items for you moving forward. Once you are a “known shipper” we can also bring in items for you from around the world.

Airfreight is one of the best shipping options available because it is direct and less handling involved. The cost is also comparable to ocean freight service and in most cases less than UPS or FEDEX.

What is the difference between ocean freight and air freight?

Ocean freight moves your items in a shipping container on a large boat and Air Freight ships your items on a crate in an airplane. Air Freight is much faster and can be easier with direct handling.  Ocean freight is typically cheaper for larger shipments, however, when needing items to be shipped quickly Air Freight can have comparable cost.

Call us at (808) 870-1443 and we can give you an immediate quote and time schedule for shipping your items.

What are the advantages of Air Freight Shipping?

  • Air Freight is the fastest way to ship your items.
  • Air Freight shipping is very reliable and secure with reduced risk of damage and theft.
  • Air Freight can ship your good to almost anywhere
  • Air Freight shipping is easy to track with constant updates.
  • Reduced costs for packaging, warehousing, and insurance
  • Air Freight is better for the environment compared to ocean freight.

Call us at (808) 870-1443 and we can give you an immediate quote and time schedule for air freight shipping.

What are the requirements to ship by air?

You are required to be a “Known Shipper” before your items can be shipped on a commercial aircraft. Maui Logistics Company is TSA regulated and you can become a “Known Shipper” through our company after inspection of the items being shipped. Once we get you cleared as a “Known Shipper” we can ship items to you from anywhere in the world via Air Freight.

What documents do you need to ship by air?

At Maui Logistics we make it easy for you by helping you with all of the paperwork. Depending on the items you’re shipping and the origin you may need the following forms.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Airway Bill
  • Generic Certificate of Origin
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Landing
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Export Licenses
  • Import Licenses
  • Material Safety Data Sheet

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, electronic transfer, money orders, & company checks. Payment must be made in full prior to the date of your shipment.

Get a Air Freight Shipping Quote Today!

Call (808) 870-1443 to receive a rate from an experienced Hawaii shipping expert.